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Aztec Promises

Today is July 10, 2019. I’ve just returned from a national conference that empowered nearly 8000 very specific public service professionals to continue their diligence to take on the world.

I represented those who sent me there. I marched to a detention center that was illegally holding child immigrants. But none were freed.

I half-listened while 10 presidential candidates regurgitated what they were told was what the voters needed to hear to make them THE best choice. I came home exhausted and less reflective than I have in the past ten years.

We celebrated the millions of dollars that we raised to endorse an individual that will restore so many human rights that have been stomped-on, held hostage, and erased without the permission of the majority. We chanted, “this is what democracy looks like” as a tear ran down my cheek.

I want to believe that I am the change…

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Faith is a float

What is it about me that I will jump into deep waters with only mediocre skills?

What insurance have I ever had that I would not drown?


Started January, 2019. Not finished (or maybe it is). Released on the cusp of June, 2019.

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The sacrifice of self

Done to be an American

Is one that can only be born(e) by the one who carries


Of joy

when others SEE you

In January…not yet, I guess winter is too long…

In February, being Black…American

In March, being woman…

In April, hearing, little or none, deaf…

In May, being Asian…Pacific Islander…American

In Summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day…American…just American of the U.S. variety…never mind that which is North or South or Central, beyond the 48 contiguous or territorized, colonized (or terrorized) in the oceans or the seas…

In September…in the middle…to the middle of October

then being Queer in October…in America

In November, being Indigenous in America…native

In December…back around to bear the weight of capital that comes in the form of indebtedness and frolicking that is heavy.

All year to be seen is important. To be represented on a calendar, in a school, in a bookstore or library display is to be celebrated from the inside out and outside in…is critical in the debate to be represented. WE ALL MATTER. WE KNOW THAT. For the marks made on a calendar, during the month that celebrates a heritage, perhaps others will see it too. New flavor of capital in each frame–social, cultural, powerful visions of who we have been before we carried who we are as Americans before we carry who we have been born to be…

Fearfully and wonderfully made…

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I Love

Black Men (male & female)

Who Express and dont

Their Joys & Pains

Realities & Dreams







With the Possibilities of

New Language



Love and joy and pain and real and dreamed


between the lines

on pages

like canvased art

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The Real Roots of ‘Black Capitalism’

#Racialliteracy #Economics

Not In Our Town Princeton

Professor of Law Mehrsa Baradaran explains how Richard Nixon [President of the United States from 1969 to 1974] ignored “meaningful economic reforms proposed by black activists” for housing integration, reparations or both, because “[a]greeing to demands for federal spending or reparations in the ghetto was anti-capitalist.”  “[W]ith the assistance of Alan Greenspan, the Nixon campaign’s economic adviser (and future Federal Reserve chairman)”, Nixon devised “black capitalism,” tax and credit policies that were repeated under different names and in one form or another in virtually every administration since.  Baradaran concludes by saying “These programs fail because the benefits of capitalism always accrue to the owners of the capital, not to the people living in enterprise zones or promise zones. Using capitalism to fix the racial wealth gap will work only if there is a means to transfer capital, assets, wealth or housing.”  Read the entire op ed by clicking here.

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What I would’ve said…

If I had applied…

my self

to that thing

that I want, but not really,…

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I See You: For BLM @ School

I see you



In my tee


With white

BLM messages

At School


Plural and singular you…

Funny how language works

You are they and we do not resist

This new way of being both singular and plural

Gender affirming

Life affirming

Love giving


My colleagues

My students

My teachers

Thinking…oooo, that’s so racist


Your thoughts scream so loud

Your stares so hard

We remain invisible

Though our fight to be seen

By you

Remains the cause of the crimes

That make


Policy polite in your brown eyes green with envy to blue

Class divided

Ways of experimenting on

Us, me, we

Push back to be heard

We matter,

We the smallest group of other in the building by census though not…

By identity we band together though not…

All together banded

Black lives matter at school

For children and teachers

For we…

The least of these

Have the greatest need

To be seen and heard and valued and loved…

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