Month: December 2017

I’m Retiring

I’m Retiring

What do you think when tomorrow is not promised…thoughts for the day got me saying wow…wondering am I the type to collaborate? Innovate? Create? My feet hurt. My mind wonders. My heart hopes. Sigh…enjoy the challenge of reading this post, again tomorrow.


The time has come for me to face facts. Retirement, as we’ve come to know it, has changed. Many of us sought out careers that would assure present security and future potential.

We may have accepted the agreement that our employers promised–hard work now with a pension or retirement benefit at the end of our career. But it was a lie. I haven’t decided yet whether the lie was intentional or simply a result of mis-planning. Either way, there wasn’t enough good faith investment in our future to insure that it will exist (the way our younger selves envisioned it).

The Promise

The promise was that if you accepted a career in public service, you’d have stability, decent fringe benefits, and a pension after at least ten years of service. Retirement age was contingent on your years of service and a vested pension. But these promises are dissipating before our…

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