What I would’ve said…

If I had applied…

my self

to that thing

that I want, but not really,…

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I See You: For BLM @ School

I see you



In my tee


With white

BLM messages

At School


Plural and singular you…

Funny how language works

You are they and we do not resist

This new way of being both singular and plural

Gender affirming

Life affirming

Love giving


My colleagues

My students

My teachers

Thinking…oooo, that’s so racist


Your thoughts scream so loud

Your stares so hard

We remain invisible

Though our fight to be seen

By you

Remains the cause of the crimes

That make


Policy polite in your brown eyes green with envy to blue

Class divided

Ways of experimenting on

Us, me, we

Push back to be heard

We matter,

We the smallest group of other in the building by census though not…

By identity we band together though not…

All together banded

Black lives matter at school

For children and teachers

For we…

The least of these

Have the greatest need

To be seen and heard and valued and loved…

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Every picture

Every thought, note and message

Every action saved to preserve the memory of a moment


Not planned yet the forces of an automatic reset command…

Every relationship

Every attitude

Every habit

To become an


To begin again…

To gain fresh perspective.

Happy New You.

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Assignment: Be a Gift

Today is her born day in the year of her passing. How do I celebrate the loss of the one to whom I and my twin sister, we, were presented as a gift? With tears of joy, and feelings of gratitude, I simply whisper “I miss you” in my morning prayers.

I say, “thank you for sharing your life with us.” 

I think, I have been blessed to be your gift for almost 50 years.


In loving memory of my Grandmother, Edna Thompson
Rest in power, peace and love
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answering the C.A.L.L.

When faced with the stress of service  & servanthood

Hold on…

Serving and being a servant is about answering the C.A.L.L.






Those who teach, who counsel, who heal, who operate in the office of peace…

We know your fatigue…

We’ve felt and feel and hear and see your pain…

Be encouraged

Sistah Soldier

Be encouraged

Brothah Soldier

Seek community for in it is healthy accountability to the dream and vision…

Be literate for in loving words and ideas we find our voice and our strength

To write

To speak

To become stronger for the battles ahead…

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The revolutionary infographics of W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington

via The revolutionary infographics of W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington

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Perspectives on the P-attitudes

When I first started working with teachers–20 years ago–I had only been in the classroom myself, as a teacher, for about five years.

The gall of me to think that I could be an “expert” at the midpoint of a decade in the front of a room!

But, I did have authority and perhaps expertise that had been invisible and/or undervalued in the school. My life as a Black student and a Black teacher and a learner of science–that content which finally had been valued–had not been a crystal stair but I could feel the pressure of my ascension.

Years later, I would train teachers using PRODUCTS

PROMOTED as frameworks

Based on research PROGRAMS

Built on best PRACTICES…

I used the language of research based products and programs to reinforce their practices.

I established and shared classroom norms and expectations with my students rather than any rules on the way to forming a community…I believed in the practices being promoted as programs being packaged as products

UNTIL I realized the dangerous entitlements of capitalism creeping into the/my ways…

Had I lost my vision for a new attitude–a P-attitude–in the classroom where voice and reason, and collaboration and community were equally valuable as success narratives defined within a system made for girls (and children) who didn’t look like me? Even the boys of all shades and experiences struggled in this system of rows and columns, raised hands and silent reading, books and worksheets instead of playful engagement with new and old things…

My P-attitudes:

To be POSITIVE because optimism just feels better than despair

To be PENSIVE because being thoughtful and considerate promotes relationship over pride

To be PERSONAL because exhibitionism creates an environment where those who are depraved may be tempted to steal or manipulate rather than simply admire

To be PREPARED because when you are ready for what happens next means you are ready for what happens later

To be PURPOSEFUL because mindfulness leads to achievement and maybe even mastery, for in it–purpose–there is vision that converts ideas into revelation…


I am grateful that I have a sister and a man and a child who believe in me enough to share their lives and thoughts with me. It builds me up so that I can build others…Wooooo sahhhhhh

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