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Race and Medicine: The Harm That Comes From Mistrust


Not In Our Town Princeton

While racial differences in health care outcomes are due to differences in health behaviors, education and income, mistrust of the health care system by African Americans and other People of Color also plays a role.  Austin Frakt describes racism in the health system and gives examples of communication barriers and racial stereotyping, such as the legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and the sterilization of nonwhite women without consent and at times coerced.  To read the article, click here.

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The 2020 Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action T-Shirt is Here!

This is #UMOJA
Kwanzaa 365

Black Lives Matter At School

The student-designed logo contest winner was designed by Fabiha Ahmed, a high school student at Bard High School in Queens. She writes: “This attributes to my school Bard High School Early College Queens and Dr. Kadison and Ms. Mary Jo Lombardo for supporting me and encouraging me to compete in this contest. I would also like to attribute it to all of the students who have shown support for this movements and the art.”

We place these shirts on TeeSpring at the cheapest price that the site allows. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE that if you are ordering more than 5-10 shirts, email us and get the direct logo from us. Take it to a locally-owned, preferably Black-led t-shirt print shop for a much better rate and much faster delivery! We place these here for convenience, not as an endorsement. Email us at blacklivesmatteratschool2 “at”

All contributions generated from our 2020…

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