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Contact in Context: The Highs and Lows of Intercultural Communication

Reflections on the Stand Against Racism (April 2018) As poetry month comes to an end, I find it rather poetic that like many other calendar memorials, I choose to color outside of the lines presented. In forming allies within and … Continue reading

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Spelman As Birthplace

What many don’t know is that I was born in a small laboratory on the campus of Spelman College. Not the student but the teacher… An assistant like a birthing coach, bringing life forward from a womb prepared for the … Continue reading

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Effect. No Affect. You are more than what you do. You are what I feel. Sugar Pill Sweet like kissed lips. Salt Crystals Bitter like truth. No domino, just Morton…like the salt of the ocean on a warm and rainy … Continue reading

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Where I’m From

Shadows cast by cemetery trees and skyscrapers… Hot dog trucks along grassy greens. City pools, train tracks and Edison’s old factory Black Maria down the street Super fund site in, my backyard Next door neighbors’ grape vines sprawling over an … Continue reading

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