Month: May 2019

Faith is a float

What is it about me that I will jump into deep waters with only mediocre skills?

What insurance have I ever had that I would not drown?


Started January, 2019. Not finished (or maybe it is). Released on the cusp of June, 2019.


The sacrifice of self

Done to be an American

Is one that can only be born(e) by the one who carries


Of joy

when others SEE you

In January…not yet, I guess winter is too long…

In February, being Black…American

In March, being woman…

In April, hearing, little or none, deaf…

In May, being Asian…Pacific Islander…American

In Summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day…American…just American of the U.S. variety…never mind that which is North or South or Central, beyond the 48 contiguous or territorized, colonized (or terrorized) in the oceans or the seas…

In September…in the middle…to the middle of October

then being Queer in October…in America

In November, being Indigenous in America…native

In December…back around to bear the weight of capital that comes in the form of indebtedness and frolicking that is heavy.

All year to be seen is important. To be represented on a calendar, in a school, in a bookstore or library display is to be celebrated from the inside out and outside in…is critical in the debate to be represented. WE ALL MATTER. WE KNOW THAT. For the marks made on a calendar, during the month that celebrates a heritage, perhaps others will see it too. New flavor of capital in each frame–social, cultural, powerful visions of who we have been before we carried who we are as Americans before we carry who we have been born to be…

Fearfully and wonderfully made…