Dear Dissenting Parent

I wonder how well you think we are…

Sands are shifting under our shoes


We face your sons and daughters

Not knowing the foundations you laid for them

To see us

To see their peers

As humans with value and values



Living now



Bones walking

Birthed and living


In spite of the chaotic fights that took place long before walking into these rooms

In these halls, hallowed by sacrifices made long ago…

The choice of life (to live a life)

In person and in profession[al]

Impersonal and un-professed

in a space

where presence and being present is

despised, discarded, dismissed, dis-respected and dis-regarded

How do you expect us to choose this life

Where our freedom is not free to be?

Forget roaming free.

That roaming you get to do is not granted to us.

We lose


Every time.

Even in safe places, we are not secure.

We are always present in plain sight

With no place to hide

And yet we are rendered invisible



Having little value in your spaces and occupied places

In a world

U (of the ‘I owe you’ kind or ‘the me not you’ variety)


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