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On the Eve of BLM@School Week: Why We STILL Need Black History Month Programs (Honoring the life & legacy of Dr. Carter G. Woodson)

It is time for 2020 Vision…that which sees forward by looking at events past. It is our Sankofa moment. Our kujichagalia time… Black History Month is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. When Dr. Carter G. Woodson … Continue reading

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Race and Medicine: The Harm That Comes From Mistrust

Originally posted on Not In Our Town Princeton:
While racial differences in health care outcomes are due to differences in health behaviors, education and income, mistrust of the health care system by African Americans and other People of Color also…

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The 2020 Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action T-Shirt is Here!

Originally posted on Black Lives Matter At School:
The student-designed logo contest winner was designed by Fabiha Ahmed, a high school student at Bard High School in Queens. She writes: “This attributes to my school Bard High School Early College…

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Wound Theory: Co-liberatory Conversations

This week has been filled with so many gifts, daily benefits of Courageous Confrontational Conversations That were seeking not to save but to liberate…me…perhaps. When things hurt, and we are wounded, it is our questions (I think) that promote healing … Continue reading

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Today’s Anger

Originally posted on Aztec Promises:
Today is July 10, 2019. I’ve just returned from a national conference that empowered nearly 8000 very specific public service professionals to continue their diligence to take on the world. I represented those who sent…

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Faith is a float

What is it about me that I will jump into deep waters with only mediocre skills? What insurance have I ever had that I would not drown? Why? Started January, 2019. Not finished (or maybe it is). Released on the … Continue reading

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The sacrifice of self Done to be an American Is one that can only be born(e) by the one who carries tears Of joy when others SEE you In January…not yet, I guess winter is too long… In February, being … Continue reading

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