Joy Barnes-Johnson, Ph.D.
STEM21 Educator: EqSTrEAM in every way!

I consider myself little more than a curious little Black girl  who grew up in a big little city surrounded by an enormous little family that allowed her to sing and dance and plant and reap all of the things she wanted in life. I live and hang out most with my twin sister and precious sun. I love and long to spend more time with my brothers and sister, mother…but life requires that I work.

By calling and by choice, I am a teacher. I teach science (mostly Chemistry and Earth Science) in the context of culture and society. I love new technologies but hang on to tried and true methods for learning more than those that do what I think is infringe more (or at least I hope). My research interests are in equitable science teaching, equitable evaluation and STEM curriculum development. I am collating resources and facilitating discussions to develop RACIAL LITERACY with a colleague in a secondary learning environment (a.k.a. high school) in my near-community. We explore systems of racial domination and racial progress that pepper this life with so much pain.

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