How will you catch me…

…when I fall…when I fail…when everything

breaks…like cracks in the concrete…no foundation…thinking we grow without scars and wounds…from this system that sees itself as soil, pliable and rich with broken down stone structure giving life…but it is not


It is not solid like concrete because there is no structure to give when there is so little guidance or instruction on how to mix it…

…the methods all chosen by each experimentor…each cook in countless kitchens

interpreting it all like secret sauce whose flavor, color and fragrance elude us…

familiar and so unfamiliar at the same time…

I woke up with you on my mind

Dear student

The one




More than I can really see in my vision of this moment…

I could hear your heart beat


In this moment…how will you catch me

When I fail

Caring not about the fall

The opportunity to experience the accomplishment of the rough and tumble roll because you have been here before if not always…carving out your joy once denied and found and now taken…

You never really trusted this system and now…

You are losing hope

In this moment

Ringing in my ears

Echoing in my mind

Is your voice lost long behind blackened screens

No profile pic

No renamed identity

No hands to guide on a page

Or smile to confirm

Behind the mask and the veil…

“How will you catch me when I fall?” “How will you be there when you are not near?”

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