What I Learn From Weeds


Weeds have complicated systems of intertwined roots that wrap around the hearty and reveal their fruit and seeds in due time but freely


One cluster may be plucked up but there are so many more already seeded fronts lurking to burst from their underground hiding places

To grow in spite of contempt

I really don’t like crabgrass. It steals from its environment so I pick it…everyday…in the morning and after the sun’s heat is more tolerable in the evening. Yes, there are bare patches left in the soil by my efforts. Tomorrow though, there will be more to remove.

To seek water on rainy days because drought conditions are imminent

Somehow, these plants are always supple and healthy looking when left unpoisoned by foreign sprays…

There are a diversity of them and there will usually be more of them in a lawn than the lawn standard beauty

Kinds with flowers, others with hair, some are sticky or have mythological lore attached to their thrice-divided petals, some are red though most are green but all take over

Extending yourself will help you find ways to stick and stay

The things we exude are an [r]evolutionary gift by nature designed to help us survive, even on the tips of our long extended branches we can produce and be productive

BUT, if you over-extend and reach too far from your roots, you are easily plucked up

Be careful though to stay balanced. Extend all the way around and dig deep

Most others have learned to live with weeds in their yard…

I have 300 more days before next summer to just get it over it!

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